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As we all know, solid wood furniture will be loose and cracked due to the change of environment moisture and temperature. High after-sales cost and short service life have increased the overall operating cost. Therefore, in recent years, more and more commercial places, such as hotels, cafes, health care, etc., people use metal wood grain furniture instead of solid wood furniture.

Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Seating have below characteristics that can be suitable for Nursing Home, Cafe, Hotel, and Wedding use.  

 Strength Safety
All Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Seating pass the strength test of EN 16139:2013 / AC: 2013 level 2 and ANS / BIFMA X5.4-2012. There is no any problem to bear more than 500 pounds.
Detail Safety
All tubing will go through four polishing processes to ensure smooth and no metal spines left to harm the user.
Component polishing --- Polishing after welding --- Fine polish for the whole chair--- Polishing after cleaning
After 4 steps, it can achieve good flat and smooth effect.
Detail of finished products.
All the chairs are combined with ergonomics to give users the best experience.
1)101 Degrees, the best degree for the back and seat, giving the most comfortable sitting position.
2)145 Degrees, perfect back radian, perfectly fit the back radian.
3)3-5 Degrees, the suitable seat surface inclination, effective support of lumbar spine.
Durable & Easy Clean fabric, suitable for commercial use. 

1)Durabele, the martindale of Yumeya standard fabric is more than 30,000 ruts

2)Easy clean, just clean with water

Easy Move
With Yumeya Caster System, Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Seating is easy to move and suitable for Nursing home use.

All Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Seating can be stacked to save the cost of transportation and storage.

Como uno de los principales fabricantes mundiales de muebles de grano de madera de metal, Yumeya está comprometido con la investigación del grano de madera de metal. Hay tres ventajas del grano de madera de metal de Yumeya, 'No joint and no gap', 'Clear', 'Durable'. Para conseguir un toque en una silla de metal, Yumeya lanzó la primera silla de grano de madera en 3D del mundo en 2018.

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