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Hotel Banquet Chair - What Kind of Wooden Furniture Is Really High-grade

In today's era of rapid development, everyone's aesthetics has evolved into an established modern style with the development of the times. Therefore, in terms of furniture selection, more and more families like to choose some wooden furniture with strong modern style when decorating, because they are different from current scientific and technological products, such as TV, computer, air conditioner, etc, In addition, the current selection of home decoration materials, such as doors, windows and porcelain plates, are relatively matched together, and the sense of disobedience is not so strong. In addition, there is a feeling that serfs turn over as masters, carp jump over the dragon's gate and idle fish turn over, but do you know? Now most of the so-called "wood" we use in home decoration are leftovers and mixtures, which is commonly known as wood dung (miscellaneous materials left after wood cutting). The wood dung is mixed together to make pulp, and then made into a fixed shape with glue. Some fresh drawings are pasted on the outer layer. In this way, even if the "furniture" is completed, it looks very simple, And it's not difficult to do. It can be said that even children playing with mud can do it. Here, I can't help but ask, do people in the new era like the youth after rotten packaging?

Hotel Banquet Chair - What Kind of Wooden Furniture Is Really High-grade 1

, hotel banquet furniture, hotel banquet chair, Banquet Chair, banquet furnitureIf we choose this kind of furniture for home decoration, we will soon find problems. Many corners will be tilted and damaged, and the mixed materials inside are exposed and scattered on the ground. What's more, we can see the rotten goods that haven't been used or even in the furniture market.

Some people may say that we use expensive furniture, even if it is mixed, it will not be as bad as you say. But is that really the case? In the final analysis, the so-called high-grade goods are just a little higher in mixed specifications, and the solidified glue is better. But in fact, they change the soup without changing the dressing. After a long time, they are either eaten by insects or penetrated by moisture inside and outside. They are easy to break and fall apart, and can't withstand the beating like nails. It can be said that they spent more money on paper tigers, which is often hard to say, Why try to be brave here?

Since the "high-grade" furniture can't afford it, what kind of wooden furniture is the real high-grade without quotation marks, which is the best product? Most rotten goods are made of leftovers, while the best ones are just the opposite. The selected wood is high-quality wood from Southeast Asia. It is directly transported from Hainan, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal, India and other Southeast Asian regions to yufenglin, and then made, polished and waxed by old craftsmen. Finally, it is ordered and transported home by customers. This kind of high-quality furniture is nothing more than logs rather than leftovers, but the results are quite different.

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MP003 Yumeya fashion design plastic conference chair

Como um dos principais fabricantes mundiais de móveis de grãos de madeira de metal, a Yumeya está comprometida com a pesquisa de grãos de madeira de metal. Existem três vantagens do grão de madeira de metal da Yumeya, 'Sem junta e sem lação', 'Clear', 'Durable'. Para entrar em uma cadeira de metal, a Yumeya lançou a primeira cadeira de grão de madeira 3D do mundo em 2018.

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