M+ Combination Meet The Diversified Needs Of The Market
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If You Are Facing Selling Problem,
M+ May Help You Out!
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What Is M+ Combination Concept

M+ Combination aims to solve the contradiction between inventory and market diversity.

Now, M+ Combination releases two series, Venus series has 3 type of shape and method of backrest, 3 chair’s frame, providing 27 combinations, saving 66% inventory, perfect for dining area. The First set of M+ Combination Mercury series has 6 seat and 7 leg/base options, providing 42 combinations, saving 70% inventory, can be used for almost all commercial venue.

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Hot Selling Styles
We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our headset are current with trends and are of the newest technologies available. MOQ: 100 PCS
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M+ Combination Sturdy and Reliable Quality

Since first appearance of M+ combination, Yumeya release 2 set of products, which come with high quality and strive for excellence.

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Chosen By Lots Of Commercial Venue

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Yumeya Leading Contract Furniture Manufacturer

Yumeya Furniture is the world leading metal wood grain contract furniture manufacturer / wholesale dining chairs supplier. Yumeya develop metal wood grain chair so that people can feel the warmth of wood through solid wood texture while getting metal strength. Yumeya is the first factory in China provide 10 years warranty, free you from after-sales worries. Since 2017 , Yumeya collaborate with Tiger Powder Coat, which gain 5 times wear-resistant than similar chairs in market.Through cooperation with well-known designers around the world like the royal designer of HK Maxim Group, Yumeya produce more than 30 innovative products every year. 

Founding Of Yumeya
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Contract dining chairs/commercial dining chair manufacturer

Start Your New Business With M+ Combination

If you are interested in the new business concept M+ Combination, or want to search the wide range of Yumeya product, please leave your message in the contact form. We are looking forward to cooperate with you! MOQ: 100 PCS

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