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Hotel Banquet Chair - How to Select the Material Structure of Hotel Banquet Furniture

The quality of hotel materials determines the grade of the hotel. The cost budget of different hotel furniture will also affect the differences in the manufacturing quality of hotel furniture. The following six points should be considered in the material structure design of hotel furniture. When designing the material structure of guest room furniture, we can focus on the following aspects:Appearance quality

Hotel Banquet Chair - How to Select the Material Structure of Hotel Banquet Furniture 1

The appearance quality of hotel furniture first requires that the furniture table should be flat, fine workmanship, delicate decoration, clear and beautiful texture. Room furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, joinery board, laminate and other materials as substrates, and thin wood, wood veneer and plywood as cladding materials. Different base materials and cladding materials have different material properties. If we do not pay attention to the characteristics of materials and correct use methods, it will often lead to the warpage of plates. For Hehua hotel furniture, it is suggested that the structural characteristics of the cladding materials on the back and front of the panel must be the same or similar. The moisture content of the substrate is generally required to be 6 10%, and the selected materials should be the same batch as far as possible. In the workshop processing, try to shorten the time of loading and press, different material characteristics, different moisture content of cladding materials, and pay attention to different glue thickness, press time and pressure.

structural strength

The guest room furniture is mostly fixed furniture, and the general structure is mainly plate type. Wood screws, hardware connectors and adhesives are selected as the bonding methods. When using materials, attention should be paid to different material characteristics, such as particleboard and medium density board. The nail holding force is poor. It should not be used in parts requiring frequent activities or strong nail holding force, such as door hinge screws and rail bottom screws, which are easy to loosen and produce sound. Special attention should be paid to the hardware hanging parts on the bed screen and mirror frame wall, or wood should be used instead of reinforcement. Nowadays, the wood square 45 degree upside down structure is popular.

material costWhen the use requirements are also met, try to use low-cost materials. Pay attention to the use of the same small materials while using large surface materials, so as to comprehensively improve the utilization rate of plates. The quantity of guest room furniture is generally large. Try to use the computer to reasonably arrange the materials, and make comprehensive utilization of large materials and small materials to reduce the material cost. For different structures, pay attention to the comparison of material costs., hotel banquet furniture, hotel banquet chair, Banquet Chair, banquet furniture

Hotel Banquet Chair - How to Select the Material Structure of Hotel Banquet Furniture 2

Efficient productionIn the case of the same material cost, that kind of material is easy to process, and that kind of process can save process cost and improve efficiency. Especially in the processes of vertical milling, router milling and engraving, that kind of material is easy to process and cut, smooth and tidy.Transportation and installation

         The hotel floor is generally high, and the furniture is required to be light and easy to transport. In particular, some conjoined bed backs and some extended desks cannot be transported by elevators, and cargo elevators have generally been removed during furniture installation. How to transport safely needs special consideration from the material weight and structure.Safety performance

General hotels do not have clear regulations on the free amount of formaldehyde, but there are fire prevention requirements for furniture. If allowed by the hotel, some parts can use fireproof board, anti scalding paint, flame retardant fabric, etc. High end hotels even require that the wood used to make furniture be fireproof.The above factors need to be comprehensively considered in practical application. The functional requirements and modeling details of hotel furniture have an interactive relationship with the reasonable material structure and workshop process arrangement of the hotel furniture company. Gongcheng furniture recommends that the guest room furniture produced not only meet the hotel requirements, but also produce efficiently and reduce costs, and use professional processing technology Processing equipment to make the furniture meet the people-oriented comfort requirements of high-end hotels.

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