Professional Commercial Hotel Furniture Manufacturer
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We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our headset are current with trends and are of the newest technologies available.
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Yumeya' s chairs have become works of art that can touch the soul. At present, Yumeya has more than 1000 original designs and many patented technologies, including DouTM Powder Coat Technology and DiamondTM Technology.
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The Cost-Effective Metal Furniture With Great Durability And Multi Function

● Design With Care

● Produce With Craftsmanship

● Service With Thought

Hotel Contract Furniture Solution

Yumeya Hospitality Don't Merely Perform They Dazzle.
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Strong R&D Capacity, Easy Customization

Sometimes it cost much for a new products design from thoughts to end products. But in Yumeya, we can help you with the furniture customization for hotel banquet, conference, guest room, cafe, restaurant and so on.

Global Designer Cooperation
Yumeya start cooperation with designers from the world. Our chief designer is Mr Wang, winner of The Red Dot Award 2017, and start cooperation with Italy Milan designer in 2023. No matter you want products for optimization, just have a preliminary idea or even a concept, we can help design.
Experienced Engineer Team
Yumeya engineer team is lead by our founder Mr Gong, each member of the team has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Therefore, we can efficiently optimize the product, solve practical production problems, and based on cost saving ideas, create high-quality and durable products.
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Yumeya -- Hotel Furniture Supplier Of Emmar Hospitality

Established in 2010, Yumeya is now one of the biggest commercial furniture manufacturer in China. Yumeya ever served hotel furniture for Emmar, Hyatt in middle east market and we are the business partner of Hilton, Marriott, Mandarin Oriental, Disney hospitality group. Yumeya now have 4 main products line including Hotel, Cafe & Restaurant, Wedding & Event, Senior Living & Healthcare. 

Yumeya's commercial furniture benefits the commercial environment with its beauty, durability, and versatility, while controlling costs through excellent production processes and rich production experience, striving to achieve affordability and take your sales to the next level.

Contract dining chairs/commercial dining chair manufacturer

Get In Touch With Us

If you have any project in hand, need more information of us or you want to purchase metal furniture from Yumeya, please contact our sales team to browse our wide range of products. PS: our minimum order quantity is 100pcs.

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