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We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our headset are current with trends and are of the newest technologies available.
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From Product Concept To After Sales, We Offer Good Service
Mr Zhangjie
We all know that Hotel Project is highly customized, it is common that only you get a product picture or even concept. Yumeya engineer is lead by our founder Mr Gong, the team has over 20 years in hotel furniture industry, can help you developed a new product in quick time.
Mr GongZhiming
Yumeya cooperates with designer from the whole world, which help us deliver over 30 new chairs series per year. Therefore, we offer large amount of good-designed products for you, which help you more likely to win project.
Mr GongHaidong
Yumeya now have over 10,000 cases in over 80 countries. Our senior sales team are professional and can offer 24/7 service, we are always here listen for your request and help solve practical problems.
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Advantages Of Yumeya Products

Products of high quality is what make Yumeya and you more competitive in market. Yumeya chairs can bear a weight of 500lbs, and with good details on chair frame, molded foam, fabric and so on. In order to further improve the quality of our products, Yumeya's new testing lab has been opened in 2023. 
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Yumeya Furniture is the world leading metal wood grain contract dining chairs manufacturer & wholesale commercial dining chairs supplier. Yumeya develop metal wood grain chair so that people can feel the warmth of wood through solid wood texture while getting metal strength. Yumeya is the first factory in China provide 10 years warranty, definitely free you from after-sales worries. Since 2017 , Yumeya collaborate with the famous Tiger Powder Coat, which gain 5 times wear-resistant than similar chairs in market.

For bulk order, Yumeya use imported welding robots to reduce human error and unify the standards for all chairs in the same batch. Through cooperation with well-known designers around the world like the royal designer of HK Maxim Group, Yumeya produce more than 20 innovative products every year. Yumeya extensive range of products are ideal choices for Hospitality, Cafe & Restaurant, Wedding & Event and Senior Living & Healthcare.

Contract dining chairs/commercial dining chair manufacturer

More Than 10,000 Cases In Over 80 Countries And Area

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Feel Free To Contact Us

If you are interested in Yumeya products or you get a hotel banquet project in hand, please contact us our sales will be pleased to serve you.

PS: our MOQ: 100pcs.

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