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Related Questions of Wedding Chair

Here are top 10 questions about wedding chair asked by people online.

Related Questions of Wedding Chair 1

1. What Type of Chairs Are Needed for Wedding Chair Covers?

Organza, taffeta, satin, oh my; wedding chair covers come in a range of fabrics, but fit may be the bigger concern. The type of chairs you use for the event are not always standard size. But some chair covers offer a variety of fits to make planning your event less stressful. Some banquet chairs have elaborately high backs. Others have low backs, such as folding chairs, or wraparound arms, like captain's chairs, which the bride and groom might use. Often, such specialty chairs require specifically sized covers. Standard chair covers fit a variety of more standard-sized chairs, such as basic dining chairs, spoon back chairs and rounded top chairs. More versatile covers include those made from elastic polyurethane fabrics, which stretch to fit various common and uncommon sized or shaped chairs. Tuck and pin looser fabrics into place to custom-fit the covers to their chairs. Use a sash alone on attractive chairs, such as charming antique chairs, or to cinch in or up the chair cover's length on less appealing ones. Simple chair-back covers fit many different chairs and look good in photos, especially if they are floor length -- and the chair seats are covered by guests' bottoms. Depending on your budget, it may be better to choose the more expensive rental or purchase item -- likely the chair -- before selecting its decorative mate.

2. Affordable Wedding Chair Covers in San Diego area?

I know that they charge $2.75 per chair cover/sash which included the delivery beakdown & setup. If your looking for an affordable chair cover rentals for your wedding they would be a perfect choice.

Related Questions of Wedding Chair 2

3. How to Make Your Own Wedding Chair Covers & Sashes

You can decorate chairs at your wedding reception with chair covers and sashes to hide imperfections and make them appealing. Whether you are dissatisfied with the style of the chairs or are keen to match the chairs with the color of your wedding theme, you can easily make wedding chair covers and sashes yourself. Choose from a variety of materials and colors to personalize the chair covers and sashes with your unique taste or wedding theme. Take the measurements of the chair with a tape measure to estimate the quantity of the material you will need for the cover. Measure the width of the chair and the length, from the front top of the chair to the front legs and from the back top of the chair to the back legs. Total the front and back measurements and add three inches extra to the width to account for securing the material together on the chair. Purchase material of your choice, such as satin, damask, organza, cotton or muslin, according to the measurements that you took for the chair cover. Place the material over the chair, such that it covers the entire chair. Ensure that the color of the material blends with the color of your wedding theme if you have one. Gather loose hanging material from the both the sides of the chair and pin it in place at the back of the chair. You can either hand stitch the sides in place or use a safety pin to attach the loose ends of the material together. Cut wide strips of tulle or taffeta in double the length of the width of the chair's backrest to prepare the sash. Wrap the tulle sash around the backrest and tie it into a neat knot or bow at the back of the chair. Pin a flower in the center of the knot or bow for a touch of class. You can use a silk flower or fresh flower.

4. How much fabric would u need for a wedding chair cover?

Well, how many chairs are you going to do, and what is the size of the chair? Go to photobucket.com download some pictures of the chair and repost it back here and then we can help you. I would say for a folding type chair, metal, you would need about 3 yards per chair, if that is the type of chair you are talking about. :-)

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