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Cafe Chair, 1
Cafe Chair, 2
Cafe Chair, 3
Cafe Chair, 4
Cafe Chair, 5
Cafe Chair, 6
Cafe Chair, 7
Cafe Chair, 1
Cafe Chair, 2
Cafe Chair, 3
Cafe Chair, 4
Cafe Chair, 5
Cafe Chair, 6
Cafe Chair, 7

Cafe Chair,


Company Advantages

· Yumeya Chairs cafe chair is made of high-quality photo-diffusion material that has good light transmittance capacity. Hence, the product is able to guarantee the uniformity of illumination.

· This well recognized product is known for excellent quality and reliable performance.

· This product brings the building a ‘living skin,’ enabling the building façade to ‘breathe’ in response to the environment.

Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Cafe Chairs series 5527 has includes side chair, arm chair and barstool. As Metal Wood Grain Chairs have unique advantages over solid wood chairs, now more and more commercial places use Metal Wood Grain Chairs instead of solid wood. As a new product in the market, Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Seating combines the advantages of metal chairs and solid wood chairs.

---Solid wood texture

---High strength, can bear more than 500 lbs. Meanwhile, Yumeya provide 10 years frame warranty.

---Cost effective, same quality level, 70-80% cheaper than solid wood chairs

---Stack-able, 5-10 pcs, save 50-70% transfer and storage cost

---50% lightweight than same quality level solid wood chairs

---Environmentally friendly and recyclable

---0 maintenance cost

---Reduce later operation difficulty and cost

---Shorten the return on investment cycle

Cafe Chair, 8

Made by 2.0 mm aluminum, YW5527 pass the strength test of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level 2. Yumeya promise you 10 years frame warranty which can free you from worry of sale after service. By changing into aluminum, the fracture problem caused by the special multi-faceted bending of the back of solid wood chair is effectively solved. The unique back design, buttons and decorative lines in the inner back make the chair look very high-end and atmospheric. The arm design can provide a secure place for hands, and also provide certain support, especially for the elderly. With Yumeya metal wood garin treatment, the chair can help people get a wood look and touch in a metal frame.  All these factor made the arm chair a good choice for High end Cafe, Nursing Home, Hotel, Wedding & Event use.

Cafe Chair, 9
Cafe Chair, 10
Cafe Chair, 11

Key Feature

1. Aluminum Frame with Yumeya’s pattern tubing & structure

---10 years frame warranty

---Pass strength test of EN 16139:2013 / AC: 2013 level 2 / ANS / BIFMA X5.4-2012

---Can bear more than 500 pounds 


2. Metal wood grain finish

--- Get the wood look and touch through the wood grain finish.

---Various wood grain color option


Product Detail

In the philosophy of Yumeya Furniture, we think high-quality products should include 5 aspects, 'Safety', 'Comfortable', 'Standard', 'Excellent Details' and 'Value Package'.

1. Safety: Safety include two parts, strength safety and detail safety.

---Strength safety: with pattern tubing and structure, can bear more than 500 pounds

---Detail safety: well polish, smooth, without metal thorn, and will not scratch the user's hand

2. Comfortable: The design of the whole chair follows ergonomics. 

---101 Degrees, the best degree for the back and seat, giving the user the most comfortable sitting position.

---170 Degrees, perfect back radian, perfectly fit the back radian of the user.

---3-5 Degrees, the suitable seat surface inclination, effective support of lumbar spine of the user.

3. Standard: It is not difficult to make one good chair. But for bulk order, only when all the chairs in one standard ‘same size’ ‘same look’, it can be high quality. Yumeya Furniture use Japan imported cutting machines, welding robots, auto upholstery machines, etc. to reduce human error. The size difference of all Yumeya Chairs is control within 3mm.

4. Excellent Details: The details that can be touched are perfect, which is a high-quality product.

---Smooth weld joint, no welding mark can be seen at all.

---Cooperated with TigerTM Powder Coat, world famous powder coat brand, 3 times more wear-resistant, daily scratch no way.

---65 m3/kg Mold Foam without any talc, high resilience and long lifetime, using 5 years will not out of shape.

---The martindale of all Yumeya standard fabric is more than 30,000 ruts, wear-resisting and easy for clean, suitable for commercial use.

---Perfect Upholstery, the line of cushion is smooth and straight.

5. Value Packag: There are two things for value package, effect protection and save space. Without sacrificing the comfort, Yumeya's engineering designers try all the best to improve the loading quantity to realize the highest cost performance of products. Meanwhile, all packages are subject to transportation simulation test to make sure chair in good protection.

Cafe Chair, 12
Cafe Chair, 13
Cafe Chair, 14


What it looks like in Dining (Cafe / Hotel / Senior Living)?

As Yumeya metal wood grain chair is compact and non porous, it will not breed bacteria and viruses. The price is only 20% - 30% of  solid wood chair, but its strength is larger than solid wood chair. Meanwhile, it is stackable and lightweight, that can reduce the difficulty and cost of later operation. With 10-years frame warranty, there is 0 maintenance cost and worry free after-sales. All these factors make shorten the return on investment cycle to be real. So now more and more commercial place, such as Hotel, Cafe, Clup, Nursing Home, Senior Living and so on, select Yumeya metal wood grain chairs instead of solid wood chair.

Cafe Chair, 15
Cafe Chair, 16
Cafe Chair, 17


Color Options

Yumeya provides a variety of surface treatments, including metal wood grain, powder coat, Dou powder coat, and more than 20 colors. You can choose the appropriate surface treatment according to your decoration style and budget, or you can consult your professional consultant for advice.

Wood Grain
Cafe Chair, 18


Cafe Chair, 19


Cafe Chair, 20


Cafe Chair, 21


Cafe Chair, 22


Cafe Chair, 23


Cafe Chair, 24


Cafe Chair, 25


Cafe Chair, 26


Cafe Chair, 27


Cafe Chair, 28


Powder Coat
Cafe Chair, 29


Cafe Chair, 30


Cafe Chair, 31


Cafe Chair, 32



Dou TM
Cafe Chair, 33


Cafe Chair, 34



Outdoor Powder Coat
Cafe Chair, 35


Cafe Chair, 36



Company Features

· Heshan Youmeiya Furniture Co., Ltd. is among the major manufacturers for top quality cafe chair.

· The factory strictly implements the ISO 9001 international quality management system. This system effectively helps us to control the product quality throughout the production stages. Our products and service are highly recognized by customers all over the country. Products including cafe chair have been extensively exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, the United States, and other countries.

· Our primary goal is to create brands that are constantly preferred and to provide long-term customer satisfaction with our sales / after-sales support teams. Check it!

Product Details

Yumeya Chairs pays great attention to details. And the details of cafe chair are as follows.

Application of the Product

cafe chair can be applied to different industries, fields and scenarios.

Yumeya Chairs has professional engineers and technicians, so we are able to provide one-stop and comprehensive solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

The cafe chair produced by Yumeya Chairs has better quality, as shown below.

Enterprise Advantages

Based on the concept of 'people-oriented', our company recruits and trains all kinds of management and technical talents. Now we have formed a sound management system with multiple departments in our company, to provide strength for our development and growth.

Yumeya Chairs has established a complete set of service system. We are willing to provide consumers with comprehensive and thoughtful services.

Our company will always adhere to the 'patriotic and law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, credibility first' as our business philosophy, and carry forward the enterprise spirit of 'strong, persistent, tenacious'. Firmly sticking to the path of industrial development, we will build a first-class brand, and continuously provide customers with quality products and caring services.

Our company was founded in After a difficult exploration of years, we have experienced the industrial development.

Yumeya Chairs actively develops export business. metal dining chairs,banquet chair,commercial furniture are mainly exported to Europe, America, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

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