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These high-end hotel banquet chairs have good looks, can be applied with METAL WOOD GRAIN TECHNOLOGY, and are of good quality with a 10-year warranty. Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCS
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High Quality Banquet Furniture
Yumeya Hospitality
Don’t Merely Perform They Dazzle.
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Free you from after-sales cost
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Sturdy chair with luxury materials
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Provide good support for all customers
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Good craftsmanship, providing a soft touch
Save transportation and daily storage cost
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Increase color rendering, 5 times wear resistance
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Customization Ability
Yumeya has an experienced R&D team, which help customize furniture for hotel banquet hall, reception hall, function room, meeting room efficiently.
01. Design Inspiration
To meet the needs of different regions, different decoration styles and different functions, Yumeya cooperates with well-known designers around the world, for example the royal designer of Hong Kong Maxim’s Group, Mr Wang. Yumeya strive to provide creative, aesthetic and practical banquet for the well-being of commercial venue, now we develop more than 30 new products every year.
02. Engineer Team
Yumeya engineer team is in charge of experienced workers who have worked in the industry for more than 20 years and also the founder of Yumeya. They are good at solving problems during production and practical applications so that commercial furniture can be more valuable.
-- Solving structural and stability problems
-- Propose detail optimization
-- Improve product quality and unity
-- Ensure production lead time

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Leading Hotel Banquet Chairs Manufacturer

Yumeya Furniture is the world leading metal wood grain contract furniture manufacturer / wholesale banquet chairs supplier. Yumeya develop metal wood grain chair so that people can feel the warmth of wood through solid wood texture while getting metal strength. Yumeya is the first factory in China provide 10 years warranty, definitely free you from after-sales worries. Since 2017 , Yumeya collaborate with the famous Tiger Powder Coat, which gain 5 times wear-resistant than similar chairs in market.

For bulk order, Yumeya use imported welding robots to reduce human error and unify the standards for all chairs in the same batch. Through cooperation with well-known designers around the world, Yumeya develop more than 30 innovative products every year. Yumeya extensive range of products are ideal choices for Hospitality, Cafe & Restaurant, Wedding & Event and Senior Living & Healthcare.

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If you are interested in the good-designed banquet chairs, no matter start your new selling business or place them in your own venue, please leave us your email or phone number in the contact form, our professional selling team will contact you asap. Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCS

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